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Your Story Custom Sketch Skateboard Deck

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About This Product

The Your Story Custom Sketch Skateboard Deck is a classic 90's football shape with contemporary wheelbase and concave. Long nose, long tail and curves you'll love make this an amazing board to ride, but you might prefer hanging this one-of-a-kind drawn just-for-you piece of artwork in a place of pride. Hand-crafted 100% right here in the USA, this is top quality wood with an awesome screen printed creepy picture frame graphic on the bottom and unique laser-etched logo with limited edition version name and numbering on the top. But that's not all. Select your HERO, VILLIAN and THEME from the dropdowns to give legendary comic and tattoo artist Buz Hasson something to work with; from there, he'll draw a custom sketch just for you inside the framed area on your deck. The wildly colorful hand-stained wood already makes each deck one-of-a-kind, but with custom artwork from the man himself, these decks will be showstoppers in any collection. Also available as a complete board while supplies last.

  • Available in 8.75" size
  • Hand-stained Other World Base
  • Hand-Drawn Custom Sketch of 'Your Story' by Buz Hasson
  • Production run is limited to 50 numbered prints
Width: 8.75"
Length: 32"
Nose: 7"
Tail: 6.5"
Wheelbase: 14.25"
Weight: 2lb 15oz