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v.2 Deep Tech Skateboard Wheels

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About This Product

The v.2 Deep Tech Skateboard Wheels have a super wide contact patch and flatter face designed to give you a 'deep' grab on rails, coping, curbs or whatever else you try to grind. With 102A durometer rubber and 'Deep Tech' shape, these wheels give you the speed and control you need for the most hardcore technical skateboarding. Ideal for smooth surfaces but wide enough to keep you in control when hitting some of the rougher stuff, too. Creepy Crustacean graphics, grooved contact patch and three diameters to choose from make this wheel a perfect match for technical skaters who need more than what our Classic lineup can offer.

Diameter: 52mm / 55mm / 58mm
Width: 32mm (52mm) / 34mm (55mm) / 35mm (58mm)
Contact Patch: 20mm (52mm) / 21mm (55mm) / 22mm (58mm)
Hardness: 102A
Weight: 2.1oz per wheel (53mm) / 2.5oz per wheel (56mm) / 2.9oz per wheel (58mm)

Sold in sets of 4