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v.1B Speed Classic Skateboard Wheels

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About This Product

The v.1B Speed Classic Skateboard Wheels have the same traditional shape you love, but with harder 102A durometer rubber to make them faster than the original Classic Wheels. These rocks are ideal for fast skating on smooth surfaces. If you're hitting wood, skatelite, lino or even super slick concrete parks, this wheel is an excellent choice. With haunting Ghost Bunny graphics, grooved contact patch, two diameters and three colors to choose from, this is a great go-fast wheel for every skater out there.

Diameter: 53mm / 56mm
Width: 31mm (53mm) / 32mm (56mm)
Contact Patch: 15mm (53mm) / 15mm (56mm)
Hardness: 102A
Weight: 2oz per wheel (53mm) / 2.35oz per wheel (56mm)

Sold in sets of 4