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v.1B Hollow Kingpin Skateboard Trucks

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About This Product

The v.1B Hollow Kingpin Skateboard Trucks take everything great about the original and adds a RAW finish and stiffer 90A durometer Cone-Barrel conventional bushing setup. Just as light and just as tough, but more stable for skaters wanting tighter control and camouflaged damage after a hard day of grinding. Trucks are sold individually, so make sure to get two if you are putting together a complete board.

  • Gravity cast aircraft-grade alloy hanger
  • Precision drilled base plate
  • Grade-8 hollow carbon steel kingpin
  • 90A Cone-Barrel bushings
  • Aircraft-grade hot-rolled Chromoly steel axles
  • 55mm medium height perfect for 52mm to 58mm wheels (or larger if using riser pads)
  • Available in 5.39" (137mm) and 5.9" (150mm) sizes to fit a wide range of deck sizes
  • Sold individually (purchase 2 for a complete board set-up)

P.S. Wondering why the 5.39" are called Five-Five instead of Five-Four or even Five-ThreeNine? It's because I'm 5'5" and my business partner, Buz, is 5'9". So we named the trucks after ourselves, sort of. Also, when I was a grade school kid, I was just about the shortest kid in class every year...and when I finally hit 5'4" over one summer during high school, I thought that would be the year that I wasn't the shortest kid in class again. I wasn't, but I was still in the top, or should I say 'bottom' three. So when I went to get my driver's license photo taken that year, I lied at the counter and told the clerk I was 5'5" because I was so tired of being 5'4". I am actually 5'5" now, but I'll probably start shrinking in another 20 years or so.

Hanger Width: 5.39" (137mm) and 5.9" (150mm)
Axle Width: 8" and 8.625"
Weight: 12.3oz (5.39") and 12.65oz (5.9")