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v.1 Hollow Kingpin Skateboard Trucks

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About This Product

The v.1 Hollow Kingpin Skateboard Trucks are light-weight, tough as nails and just understated enough to keep things cool. Slick black or white powder coat slides like butter (until you grind it off), and 90A durometer twin-cone super-carve style bushings set you up with soft to mid level control and huge range of motion. Trucks are sold individually, so make sure to get two if you are putting together a complete board.

  • Gravity cast aircraft-grade alloy hanger
  • Precision drilled base plate
  • Grade-8 hollow carbon steel kingpin
  • 90A Twin-Cone bushings
  • Aircraft-grade hot-rolled Chromoly steel axles
  • 55mm medium height perfect for 52mm to 58mm wheels (or larger if using riser pads)
  • Available in 5.39" (137mm) and 5.9" (150mm) sizes to fit a wide range of deck sizes
  • Sold individually (purchase 2 for a complete board set-up)

P.S. Wondering why the 5.39" are called Five-Five instead of Five-Four or even Five-ThreeNine? It's because I'm 5'5" and my business partner, Buz, is 5'9". So we named the trucks after ourselves, sort of. Also, when I was a grade school kid, I was just about the shortest kid in class every year...and when I finally hit 5'4" over one summer during high school, I thought that would be the year that I wasn't the shortest kid in class again. I wasn't, but I was still in the top, or should I say 'bottom' three. So when I went to get my driver's license photo taken that year, I lied at the counter and told the clerk I was 5'5" because I was so tired of being 5'4". I am actually 5'5" now, but I'll probably start shrinking in another 20 years or so.

Hanger Width: 5.39" (137mm) and 5.9" (150mm)
Axle Width: 8" and 8.625"
Weight: 12.65oz (5.39") and 13.15oz (5.9")