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v.1 Classic Skateboard Wheels

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About This Product

The v.1 Classic Skateboard Wheels are designed to be the go-to roller for anyone looking to get out skating on a wide variety of surfaces. We know that for every situation, there is a one perfect magic combination of hardness, rebound, width, diameter, contact patch size, etc. But we also know that sometimes you just need that one set of wheels that can do it all. At 95A durometer, these aren't too hard or too soft. Good for smooth and rough surfaces, and able to grip or slip depending on what you want to do. With mean looking logo graphics, grooved contact patch and two diameters to choose from, there is a v.1 Classic Wheel to suit every skaters style.

Diameter: 53mm / 56mm
Width: 32mm (53mm) / 32.5mm (56mm)
Contact Patch: 16mm (53mm) / 16mm (56mm)
Hardness: 95A
Weight: 2.1oz per wheel (53mm) / 2.3oz per wheel (56mm)

Sold in sets of 4