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MaskBlade Slashers Skateboard Deck

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About This Product

The MaskBlade Slashers Skateboard Deck is a blunted super pop with very near symmetrical layout. Same length nose and tail plus multiple extended wheelbase options make this one of the most flexible boards you'll ever own. No matter what your style, you can dial this in to be a perfect ride. Hand-crafted 100% right here in the USA, this is top quality wood with a blazing hand-drawn illustration conjuring images of your favorite friday night fright fest. Legit screen-printed graphics on the bottom and unique laser-etched logo with limited edition version name and numbering on the top. Also available as a complete board while supplies last.

  • Available in 8.5" size
  • Front and rear truck holes are double drilled to offer a total of four wheel base options ranging between 14.25" and 15/25"
  • Handstained Blood Splatter Base makes every deck one-of-a-kind
  • Symmetrical Shape and Wheelbase options make this deck ideal for super technical skaters
  • Production run is limited to 50 numbered prints
Width: 8.5"
Length: 32.375"
Nose: 6.25" and 6.75"
Tail: 6.25" and 6.75"
Wheelbase: 14.25", 14.75" (long nose or long tail) and 15.25"
Weight: 2lb 14.6oz