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Cheapo Skateboard Shock Pads

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About This Product

The Cheapo Skateboard Shock Pads give you an extra 1/8" (3mm) or 1/4" (6mm) of height while softening up the overall feel of your ride. If you're worried about getting some wheel burn on your awesome new deck, slap a set of these on there and skate worry free. Or if you're mostly just cruising the neighborhood, why not smooth things out a bit? But they're good, too, if you're bombing nasty drops and want to take a little sting out of your feet. Heck, you can even use them as coasters or for leveling out a table at your favorite restaurant. Includes two in a package.

  • Long Lasting Polyurethane
  • add 1/8" (3mm) or 1/4"(6mm) of ride height to your complete board set-up
  • provides wheel clearance (3mm recommended for 58mm wheels; 6mm recommended for 60mm wheels)
  • raises center of gravity
  • smooths out bumps
  • makes you feel more cool
  • sold in pairs
  • Weight: .8oz (3mm) per pair / 1.6oz (6mm) per pair